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Acid attack: an unreported story of Taiyaba


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Acid attack, once a known crime. Although this serious crime has decreased over time, it has not stopped. Every day, many women are a victim of acid attacks in the country of Bangladesh. We do an investigation about an acid attack fact which held on Cox’s Bazar.


Ramu is an Upazila in Cox’s Bazar district. Garjania is a remote village in the Upazila. In the first week of 06 July 2021, an acid attack took place on an adult named Taiyaba Begum (21) in Ramu.

First Information Report

The next morning, Taiyaba was treated at Cox’s Bazar Sadar Hospital. One day after the initial treatment, she was taken discussion admitted to Chittagong Medical College Hospital for advanced treatment.

The day after the incident, Ramu police arrested a man named Nurul Abshar Bhutto (32) from the same area. Although there are two accused in the First information report, the police could not arrest the other accused Md. Faridul Alam (40) yet till this date.

Interview after acid attack

We went to Taiyaba’s house to find out how she was. A small house, roofing with sungrass, on the banks of the river Bakkhali in Garjania Union. Taiyaba and her mother were frowning there. We talked to them. What happened that day?

Victim Taiyaba Begum said to us, It was about two o’clock that night. I went out to the toilet with my mother. As soon as I went out in the yard, a splash of something liquid came into my mouth. I heard someone saying, “Look how it feels.” Then, I cried all night in unbearable pain.

acid attack
Taiyaba before acid attack

Taiyaba’s Father is a day laborer. We also talked to Taiyaba’s father. He said with Hiding grief, the major asset of a woman is her face. Accused by Bhutto, the identified terrorist has flashed my daughter’s face area. I want a speedy trial.

Hafizul Islam Chowdhury, a journalist from the same area. He has been observing the incident from the very beginning. He said us, Acid throwing has never happened before in our area. This is the first such incident. The accused are trying to indulge in various influential leaders. Ensure that justice is done in this case.


A review has revealed that it has made allegations under Section 5 (a) / 7 of the Acid Crime Suppression Act, 2002. We try to know the progress of the case three months after the incident. Reviewing the case of Cox’s Bazar District Court, we learn that the case is still under investigation. Three months have passed since the incident, but it has issued no charge sheet or Final report. The details in FIR show the accused are two brothers.

The cries of the parents are loud. Survival is like the pain of death. A review of Taiyaba’s medical examination report showed that the right side of the face was damaged. Right eye vision is also reduced. Taiyaba does not look like before.

Acid attack punishment

Section 04 of the Acid Crime Suppression Act, 2002 described that, If any person causes the death of another person by acid, that person shall be punishable with a death sentence or life imprisonment and a fine not exceeding one lakh Taka.

Section 05 brief that, If a person injures another person with acid in such a way that his-

(Ka) if the sight or hearing is completely or partially damaged or the face, breasts, or genitals are deformed or damaged, the person shall be punishable with death or life imprisonment and a fine not exceeding one lakh Taka;

(Kha) If any other organ, gland, or part of the body is deformed or damaged or injured in any part of the body, such person shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term not exceeding fourteen years but not less than seven years and with a fine not exceeding fifty thousand Taka.

Section 07 of the same act described that, If a person assists in the commission of an offense under this Act and that assent leads to the commission of that offense or the attempt to commit the offense, then the person assisting in the punishment prescribed for the commission of that offense or attempted offense shall be punishable.

Our Observations

Time does not stop. Three months have already passed since the incident. Taiyaba returned home after completing her treatment. Yet the clarity of sadness has appeared on the faces of mother and daughter. Taiyaba’s face was not normal anymore.

Taiyaba faces a lot of wordiness. She could not married since that incident. Spending the days with a lot of worries.

victim of acid attack
Taiyaba & her Mother

The family that was supposed to get married is not willing to take the girl now. However, the person who conduct to marry taiyaba agreed to take a CNG dowry.

Already, Taiyaba’s father, Muzaffar Ahmed, has sent a letter to the Prime Minister seeking financial help for his daughter’s advanced treatment and marriage. The entire family has become disoriented.

application for fund

Sexual intercourse in the temptation of marriage is rape?

Will Taiyaba’s face be normal? Will she be able to return to normal life? The Taiyaba family lives in a remote village in Cox’s Bazar. Expectations of justice in the right and fast time are very much to achieve!

Our support

Many Law officers of the Legal Home have been monitoring the case since the incident began. We are committed to eradicating acid terrorism.

Advocate Shipta Barua
Advocate Shipta Baruahttps://legalhome.org
Shipta Barua has been Completed LL.B(Hon's) from Cox's Bazar International University and completed LL.M in Human Rights at Southern University Bangladesh. Writing and discussion about the critical and important topics of law in his choice. For primary Legal support and enrich to the general people legal knowledge he working in the Legal Home & Advocate at the District & Session Judge Court, Cox's Bazar.


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