Shipta Barua

Shipta Barua has been Completed LL.B(Hon's) from Cox's Bazar International University and completed LL.M on Human Rights at Southern University. Writing and discussion about the critical and important topics of law in his choice. For primary Legal support and enrich to the general people legal knowledge he working in the Legal Home.



Application Of Res-juducata and Sub-resjudice

what is Res-juducata and Sub-resjudice? Section – 10 deals with the doctrine of res sub-judice and section-11 deals with the doctrine of res –judicata. Section -10 provides the rule with regard to stay of suits where...

Patent and Design Act in Bangladesh

Short history of Patent and Design Act The Designs Act of 1911 was passed by the then British Government of India and since then extensive amendments have been made in the Designs Act. In the meanwhile...

Execution of a ‘CIVIL DECREE’

What is Execution of Decree? The litigation consists of three stages, initiation of litigation, adjudication of litigation, and implementation of litigation. The last stage of litigation, that is the implementation of litigation is known as an...

Abuse of Arrest and Police Remand : Bangladesh Context

The three followings organs which are Legislative, Judiciary and Executive are most important for a state. One organ are inter-connected with another. The executive body are directly dealings with people. To execute the order of judiciary...

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